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Thread: Classic Cars in Aruba

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    Classic Cars in Aruba

    If you like classic cars, keep on the lookout during your visit to the island. You'll see fine examples of your favorites out there. Some Sundays there are gatherings of these cars, but also for weddings and other ceremonies, you'll see them out and about.

    I spotted handsome Chevrolet Bel Air, circa 1957, today. What a car! Take a look.

    Bon dia.

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    I saw that on your blog earlier this morning. Sweet car! My husband has taught me how to appreciate the older cars/trucks. His dad restores them.
    We do remember seeing some on our way to town on our first visit.

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    A few years ago we found out that Aruba has a Mustang Club which has it's headquarters at Urataka Center. We've been there the last couple years and always see a nice old 'Stang sitting outside.

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    I aim to buy a Pontiac Cheiftian convertible 1952 or near that year. So glad there are other classics on island. Also want to get a Lambereta scooter, 1960s. What are the rules in Aruba on owing classics?

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