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Thread: Classic Cars for Rent

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    Classic Cars for Rent

    Hi Guys,
    I was checking the forum to find more about classic cars for rent. I saw one post about classic cars and found there are several beautiful classic cars in Aruba. I found an event that was held last year at UrakataCenter, see the link:

    Wonder if someone in the forum knows Eddie's email address or phone (the owner of the red MG) I would like to ask him if *he is interested in renting his car for a Wedding Bride and Groom transportation (hotel-church-hotel) and for a photography session, or some other owner that might be interested, or where to find classic cars for rent.


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    I have found this number from 'Classic Car Club' Aruba: 00297-5872940.
    It is indeed a beautiful car, I'm looking also for transportation on my weddingday.

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