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Thread: Cost of car rental

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    I use AMEX and I have a thing where I pay $24.95 every time a car rental goes on AMEX. It is extra coverage and only applies when you rent a car up to 60 days in one transaction. Though they do offer the standard coverage without that, I found it was no big deal to have it and is peace of mind. The car rental place must pay for damage to another car and person (same as here in the states) but are not required to pay for your rental car or you (which is where your credit card coverage comes in). My hubby just looked this up last night, of course he probably read this thread, lol...
    Most credit card companies will not cover a rental for more than 30 days so be sure to check if you need it longer.

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    I wish I needed it longer than 30 days. the max is like 18 days.

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