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Thread: directions help

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    directions help

    Hello all-
    I will be visiting Aruba next week (arrive Tuesday). I am very excited about my trip. I will be staying at LaCabana Beach and Racquet Club. I am curious as to some of the areas of convenience that are within walking distance of BRC. I am not renting a car. For example, is Ling's walking distance away? Are there may eating establishments within walking distance. We have a few trips planned through DePalm and will take the public transportation into town.

    Can anyone tell us what is close to BRC?

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    Ling's is not in walking distance of La Cabana. If you do not have a car, take the bus. The bus does not stop at La Cabana but does at Paradise Beach Villas and Amsterdam Manor. The BRC is between these resorts. Where you get on the bus depends which side your unit is located. I favor Ling's of all the supermarkets - it's a IGA store. Very modern and clean. Bus fare is $1.30 US one way or $2.30 round trip. The bus will let you off (tell the driver you want to get off at the supermarkets) across from the other 3 markets. Ling's is 1 1/2 blocks behind. When I didn't rent a car, I would take the bus there and a taxi back to La Cabana (fare should be $7.).

    Restaurants that are a short walk to from La Cabana are Le Petit Cafe at Paradise Beach Villas, Mango's & Passion's (on the beach) at Amsterdam Manor, Chalet Suisse, Tulip and Blue Marlin Bar & Restaurant at Key Largo Casino (behind La Cabana at The Aruban Resort & Casino). A little longer walk to Screaming Eagle and Le Dome (though I would take the bus to these 2 restaurants especially in the dark).

    ou can also walk to Adventure Golf (minature golf, go karts, paddle boats, batting cages) and Alfredo's Restaurant and Black Hog Saloon.

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    Other than the Black hog saloon and the uncompleted water park, walking distance would be rough from La Cabana. Sorry, but a taxi could drop you off all over and it would really not cost to much.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tds-ken View Post
    Sorry, but a taxi could drop you off all over and it would really not cost to much.

    Have fun!

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    Cool using the bus and taxis

    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    We have visited ARuba ten years and counting and we use the bus system to get to the supermarket and then they phone a taxi to get us back with our haul!! We stay two weeks so it involves one major trip to the grocery store and we then pick up items when we are downtown...we always bring a large Aruba beach tote when we go to Oranjastaad for ease in carrying items bck via the bus. Have a great trip.

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