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Thread: Do I need to reserve a car?

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    Do I need to reserve a car?

    We are going to be at the Ocean Club in 5 weeks. Do I need to reserve a car now or can I just get one when we get there? We are thinking we would like to get one for a few days but not exactly sure when. Thought it might be nice to just rent one on the spot when we decide we want it, but not sure if that is reasonable. I believe Economy rental is at the Ocean Club but not sure how many cars they have available for last minute rental. Any thought?

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    We have waited until we arrived on the island to rent a car when we only want it for a couple of days.
    Even during low season, it has really been hit or miss on availability. We have been able to get them for the dates we want, sometimes not.
    Other times we had to go with a company we were not keen on using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorichad View Post
    We are going to be at the Ocean Club in 5 weeks. Do I need to reserve a car now or can I just get one when we get there?
    School vacation week for a number of states.....reserve to be safe.
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    We have always rented after we arrive, even 1 year Hertz at the Tam, didn't have what we wanted, but went out and got it within 2 hours from another resort!

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    Never rented a car but Im the kind of person that has to have everything in place. My vote is book it, why take a chance. Not that waiting is wrong

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    Smile Hello

    I am an Arubian myslef and i live in Europe but know my island very very well. You can also rent a car when you are on the island because it's really not a problem with last minutes. You can also try super car Rental.

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    We've never reserved a car ahead of time. We never had any problems getting a rental for a couple of days, and we've always been on the island during busy weeks due to our kids' school schedules. We've rented at the Marriott Stellaris and years ago at the Westin when it was Wyndham.
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