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Thread: driving and not getting lost - how do you do it?

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    driving and not getting lost - how do you do it?

    does that aruba map from borch really help in mapping out your route and getting to your destination? judging from the pictures on amazon, it doesn't look quite clear.

    in other words, how do you all get around aruba without getting lost? the last time i drove we almost went into a one way street in pitch darkness while returning from mirandi.

    also, anyone know how you can get to the national park? whats there to see there?

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    we like the map that is in the "aruba nights or aruba experience " magazines.
    it's free
    it's detailed and easy to read.


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    I agree with it shows you what the road signs mean...the biggest thing to remember is the white retangle surrounded by red means do not enter....or as my Dh says " You No Go !!!"...we made that mistake once and laughed for hours one night when we turned down the wrong way and a security guard looked at us, shook his head and said no go we never forget that road sign !!! LOL !!!
    But getting back to a more serious note...the map Andrea is talking about is very clear and it helps quite a can also do what we did in the beginning....take a day and sight see, but just go nowhere in particular, just where ever. If you remember which way the beach is you cannot really get lost...just head for the highrises and sooner or later you will get back to them...

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    Too small an island to be lost for long anyways. enjoy just cruising around for the day

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    Take a compass.....when you are lost and looking to get back to the hotel area....go west.
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    We took a Borch map with us, but hubby ended up using and liking the maps from one of the free magazines better than the Borch.

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