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Thread: Driving Safety In Aruba

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    Driving Safety In Aruba

    Just a reminder to visitors and anyone driving in Aruba. This time of year the rains come few and far between. Thus, the buildup of oil and such on the roads continues. Then, when a little rain comes, the roads can become extremely slippery. Just today, I saw a pair of accidents: one rear-end, one with a 180 spin into a pair of other cars. Both totally preventable if the drivers would slow down a little and leave some room.

    So, just a word to the wise. Be careful, look out for the other guy, and remember, just because it isn't snow or ice, doesn't mean it's not slippery.

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    Excellent advice. Here in the US for "normal" conditions it is recommended one car length for every 10 miles per hr. I doubt anyone actually does that.

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