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Thread: Experience Renting an ATV

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    Experience Renting an ATV

    Any thoughts on renting an ATV?
    As a new visitor to Aruba, I want to see the island a bit.
    But I also wanted to see the Caves and the natural pools. I hear to get to the pools you need an off-road vehicle (Jeep or ATV, I assume.)
    Are we better off renting a Jeep or would ATV's be fun and good enough to get us around? We are happy to take our time so speed not an issue.
    I appreciate any experiences/thoughts.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    We took an excellent ATV tour last June with Kini Kini Tours

    From my trip report:

    "Our driver Ray took us to Kini Kini's office. It was a house and we were instructed to walk through the house to the back and there was the office! This office is actually in the home of the owners Eloy and his wife Christine. We indeed felt as if we were being welcomed into their home.

    Our credit card information was processed and we were then taken to the ATV's for orientation and safety as well as fitting for our helmets. Eloy and Ray made us feel very comfortable and gave us a good run through before our butts even hit the seats. If the ATV's were not new, they were "like" new. During our stop at the Natural Bridge, a rider on a rented ATV from another company admired our ATV's saying, "We got the good ones."

    I rode single and our 12 yo dd rode on the back of the ATV with dh. Following our guide Ray, we were off to visit the sites. I have to say dh and I had never rode ATV's previously and were slightly nervous given the prospect of riding some local roads prior to heading "off road" once past the tip of the island and the California Lighthouse. Our worries were for nothing. By the time we left the lighthouse we were of course off road and I know I personally was feeling very comfortable driving. Ray allowed us to drive at a speed comfortable to us, leading accordingly and offering up insight and history at each stop.

    Our sites visited included: California Lighthouse, Wish Garden, Alto Vista Chapel, "Baby" Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Ruins, the Natural Bridge and Natural Pool. We have been to all the above sites previously and again, took the tour for access to the Natural Pool. We did give up the stop at the Ayo Rock Formations in order to be able to spend additional time at the Natural Pool. Our guide Ray was very happy to oblige. Dd was happy to be able to take a swim, cool off and rinse off some of the dirt.

    On the back of his ATV, Ray carried a cooler with water as well as strapped our backpack carrying digital camera, video camera and towel and was happy to allow us as much time as necessary at each stop for photos and video.

    I do have to say after visiting the Natural Pool twice previously by 4 x 4, getting there by ATV, was by far the easiest and quickest way in which to get there once we were "off road". It was still a little "hairy", as it was in a 4 x 4, but by following our guide Ray, we knew exactly where on the path to follow. I might add I was grateful the brakes worked! Never once did I fear for my life though. Imo it is more dangerous swimming in the Natural Pool than getting there via ATV. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough, especially as a way to see the Natural Pool. This was one of the best excursions we have ever taken on the island in the 13 years that we have been visiting.

    Was there a downside? Dirty as anything. Riding behind our guide Ray, and then my dh, I literally know now where the expression, "eat my dust" comes from. Remembering how green the island was at Christmas, it was immediately noticeable that it was now so totally opposite. Brown as brown as can be. No significant rain since February, by June the island had become very very dry and DUSTY. As a side note, as I will mention later, the island did see significant rain June 24 and 25. In 17 visits I have never seen the island as dry as it was. If you prepare beforehand and wear junky clothes (think throw away) and shoes as we did, this will not be an issue. My t-shirt from that day just went into the trash; no amount of bleach was ever going to get out all of that dust.

    Dd complained about everything under the sun during the ride, but this was her chance to see and swim in the Natural Pool. If you asked her now I think she would say she liked it but will tell you that she did not like the dirt and the dust. For dh and myself it was a unique experience and an opportunity to see Aruba from a different perspective."

    More ATV information can be found at

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    I am saying this as a person who does not take risks and very conservative:

    Too many stories about ATV accidents, call Cerry Croes and take a fabulous tour with him. He will take you/show you around, you will enjoy it, get lots of history about the island and you will be safe!
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    I agree with Randi...take an ATV tour....the folks know the island and the safest way to get for the atv accidents....I can attest to one>>>girlfriend of mine spend entire week in Aruba Hosp because of atv her discredit, I think she got a little to sure of herself after the first hour riding and then go brave....We have very good friends on the island and go by ourselves, but we have been doing this for years now and kindof know our way around
    Long story short...the tours are great and take you to all the best places....just make sure you bring an old pair of shoes, old tshirt and shorts that you can pitch after....also take lots of sunscreen and a hat !!!!!!
    Then go have a will, guaranteed !!!!!

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