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Thread: Guided Tour with Madi

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    Guided Tour with Madi

    MY wife and I just got back from our 1st visit to Aruba on Saturday (08-21-10). We reallly enjoed ourselves. Before going we were debating if we should rent a 4X4 to see the island. After reading many comments on this forum, we decided to rent a car to see all the beaches and the west side of the island, and to do a tour of the east side. It was probably the best decision we made for the whole trip. Thanks to all the people on this site for reccommending Madi, she was simply amazing.

    The best way to describe it is to say it was like going to visit your favorite Aunt and having her take you on a tour of her home area. Madi has a big red jeep Willey, just like they used in the war. She will take you were ever you want to go. We spent about 6 hours (her half day rate) for $50/pp. She showed us the Natural Pool and several beautiful beaches on the east side that were empty. She took pictures for us and even got a cooler of ice. Her tours are very imformative and fun. She showed us alot of the 'real' Aruba. She explained things we should see and things we could skip. We were telling her that we were going to take a snorkeling cruise ($50 each), and she suggested that we skip it. She told us what beaches to go to, were you can snorkel and see everything you wanted to see by swimming out from the beach. When we went were she said, we ended up with the people from the snorkeling tour joining us at the site. We saved the $50 each. I have already reccommended her to several friends who are going to Aruba soon. She is simply wonderful. You can contact her at: ph. (297)-746 1397

    Tell her John and Michele said Hi.

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