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Thread: Hertz Rental car prices

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    Question Hertz Rental car prices

    We usually rent a car from Hertz. We never buy extra coverage. This year I just reserved (did not pay) and checked the price and this was added, is this correct and mandatory?
    Airport concession fee recovery 25.2 USD
    Theft protection 21.0 USD

    Thx Smoki

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    Not sure if it's mandatory, but we're leaving tomorrow, and I just checked our hertz rental agreement and we have the same fees. We rent from them every year and we are charged those 2 fees every time.

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    i understand the airport fee which is why so many smaller car rental places are off site but i don't get the anti-theft.

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    Airport concession fee would be recovery of the fee paid to the airport authority for the right to operate on airport property..... kinda like rent! I'm sure it's listed as a separate charge to keep the rental price in line with off airport companies that don't pay the concession fee. If the fee were built into the rental price they wouldn't look as competitive!

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