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Thread: Hotel room or Rental Car smell like smoke?

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    Hotel room or Rental Car smell like smoke?

    There are some resorts in Aruba and some rental car companies that charge a penalty if you smoke in their hotel rooms (even balconies/patios) or cars.

    Here is some advice from Clark Howard.

    I know a man that was charged the penalty at LaCabana and had it overturned as he did not smoke in the unit.

    Also once at the Renaissance Ocean Suites the people in the next unit to ours were smokers and were penalized. $$$

    Have you ever been:

    charged a smoking penalty?

    been charged a smoking penalty but did not smoke in the room or car?

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    I have not had a cigarette since 1978. My wife never smoked. I do notice that there are ash trays on the balconies at Costa Linda and I have smelled cigarette smoke while sitting out there eating breakfast. I assume it is OK to smoke on the balconies there but have never asked since we don't smoke. We stayed one night at Holiday Inn a few years ago and the room fairly reeked of smoke. It was supposedly a non-smoking room. I think every room at hotels suddenly becomes non-smoking when they run short on rooms.

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    The Renaissance hardly enforces it's no smoking rule on balconies.
    I wanta march myself to their rooms and smash the door down but then my logic kicks in, along with Rob's words to mind my own business.

    the Surf Club has a bigger problem Imop than the Renn.

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    I never really thought about getting charged in a car rental. I will be sure to take note from now on. I would also be concerned for people who are smokers but respect the rules. My husband smokes so if he got a car or room with a faint smell, he may not even notice.

    I am not a smoker, in fact I am a smoke HATER! But my DH and a lot of our friends are smokers. Jon catches the wrath from me when I have to deal with the smell. He smokes in his commuter car which I only get in once or twice a year and I want to kill him every time but I remind him that lung cancer will probably get him first.

    At the Surf Club they have it posted everywhere not to smoke on your balcony, or you get a $250 charge. I was paranoid about the charge because he had cigarette packs in the trash and lighters on the table on our cleaning day. They have a smoking area outside, ironically its next to the playground and kiddie splash pad area.

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    Being a former smoker (quit 20 yrs ago) I am the worst anti smoker person. Can't stand the smell of the stuff..
    If I get a room that smells like smoke I will ask for a new one. Just tell the manager that I am highly allergic to to it.

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