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Thread: Infant Car Seat Rental

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    Infant Car Seat Rental

    Hello all,

    Quick question regarding infant car seat rental. My husband and I will be traveling with our infant this October. We will most likely go through AVIS. Has anyone had experience renting an infant car seat with them? Previously we took our toddler and had a nice seat rented out for him.


    Modern Momma

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    We have been several times, but have not rented a cart seat. We purchased a car seat cover and checked it at the airport. We 90% fly American Airlines and was told that it does not count towards are two checked baggage limit. Another benefit is inside of the car seat carrier cover, we've pack diapers, and extra items for the baby.

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    I was just online checking out car rentals and it seems that some of them offer free car seats if you request in advance. I am not lugging my car seat with us as my daughter is now in the convertible and it's heavy. She hates her old one even though she still fits it at 17lb. I am only taking an umbrella stroller so it'll be too much, before I could at least use the carseat/stroller combo, now I don't want to lug the big stroller. I was reserving a cell phone through the link Andrea provided (thanks Andrea J again!) and there was a link to car rentals and it says free car seats. I would check into this. I called Avis and they said they don't have carseats for rent but maybe the guy at the 1800 number was mistaken?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amarg View Post
    I called Avis and they said they don't have carseats for rent but maybe the guy at the 1800 number was mistaken?
    Avis in Aruba is a franchise. Avis North America is a corporation. This is the case with all of the "major" rental agencies you are familiar with.

    The North American "800 number" does not necessarily know the island agencies policies. Imo, call Aruba directly whether it is Avis or any other agency to get a specific answer to your question.

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    Good point Lisa. When i recently rented from Budget and picked up my car at the airport, I noticed some car seats behind the counter. I would call whoever you rent from directly and make sure they hold one for you. Not sure of how much they charge since my youngest is 23 and I wasn't that interested

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