We just returned from our 2nd trip to Aruba last month and while we were there we did a couple of tours with Cerry. We went on a tour with him on our 1st visit (Aug 2011) and we enjoyed it so much that we had to tour the rest of the island with him. This time around my in-laws and my wife's uncle decided to come with us. We had them go on a 2 hour tour earlier in the week with him and they loved it!! They saw the California Lighthouse, the Alto Vista chapel, The upscale neighbourhood, the site of the collapsed natural bridge, and the Casibari rock formations. He gives you a history lesson regarding Aruba at the beginning of the tour which is very informative.
My wife and I went on our 2nd tour with him at the end of the week for 3 hours and we visited the Arikok National Park, The Guadirikiri Cave, The Ayo Rock formations, The Lourdes Grotto, Baby Beach, and The Balashi Gold Smelter Ruins. He will basically take you where ever you want to go if you want to see certain spots. We let him takes us to the places he wanted us to see. My wife and I thought it was so much better then getting on a bus with 50 other people for 5.5 hours. This was much more personal. If you had any questions throughout the tour Cerry would gladly answer them.
I know there are still some things we didn't get to see and do and we'll want to see them next time. When that time comes..hopefully 2013, I'll be contacting Cerry again.