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Thread: Jeep rental?

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    Jeep rental?

    Where is the best place to rent a jeep for a week? I got one from American last year and it was a dog + they tried to rip me off when I dropped it off.. Anyone recommend Top Drive?

    Anybody got recommendations??? thank you.

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    Jim, have rented from Amigo, American, Aruba Royal and Economy's More 4 Less and have no complaints about any of them....did have some trouble with American, but it was a jeep issue nothing more and we resloved it fairly easily. Aruba Royal is what I used this past November and they we very accommodating. I usually just go for the cheapest jeep rental for the time I am going....we always rent open air jeeps so we can go out to the National Park and drive around,,,,,,so, long story short good luck and let us know how it went when you get back....

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    We just booked with American. I hope this isn't going to be a problem. How did they try to rip you off?

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    We have always used Ruba Rent a Car, but over the last couple of years the vehicles are really getting worn.

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    We rented from Budget this past week. They were helpful and nice but the cost was high, over $100 for 24hrs because we reserved it last minute-called at like 10am to rent it for that day. But as to be expected they picked us up at our hotel and were willing to drop us back off when we returned the jeep, we walked back instead. The contract clearly stated no off road driving, but my husband didn't read that until after we had already done it, but the jeep drove great anyway.

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    Jeep Rental

    We stay at LaCabana each year and have found it easier to rent from the rental company at the hotel prior to arriving in Aruba. Our rental company is Optima and they have a website. We have found when we rent a vehicle from outside of the hotel our day is waisted doing the pick-up and drop off. Sometimes we even had to wait around for a car to be returned. We don't like to waste time on vacation. Some of the rental companies did get new jeeps for 2009, but the cost also went up a lot. We paid around $80 last year for a 2 door, and in 2/2009 we will be paying $150 ($10 ins included) for a 4 door. Auto Insurance is cheap in aruba and with the rough roads it is worth the purchase.

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