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Thread: jeep rental complete i hope

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    jeep rental complete i hope

    Well just rented my jeep from american they have 2009's they would not rent over the phone though Which i thought was odd when i called them they told me i had to reserve via internet is this the norm? I originally called my hotel and asked them who they use. They have an economy rental right there and transferred me The guy asked me what i wanted and then said ok all he took was my name though he didnt ask for a credit card I reserved it then got to thinking all he has is my name that didnt seem like a set in stone reservation when i asked him if he needed it he said no So im gonna cancel that and go with american does that sound normal to anyone not having to leave your credit card?

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    Anytime I have called to rent a vehicle I have always been told to go on their website and reserve online.

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