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Thread: Late September arrival

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    Late September arrival

    From what I understand this is a very slow month for tourists. Will I be able to rent a car without making a reservation before I arrive? This will be my first trip to Aruba and I would like to explore the island...get a taste of more than just the major tourists spots. I have been to St John USVI a number of times and enjoy driving all over the island. Aruba seems to be about the same size...without the steep hills. There will be 4 of us..any recommendations for rental companies? Thanks for your help!

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    If you know you would like a car for specific dates I would reserve in advance regardless of what month. A couple of times during different months we have tried to make reservations once we arrived on the island and were not able to get a vehicle for our specific dates, even in low season.

    There is tons of info on rental agencies

    My best advice is to shop around, but keep in mind the cheapest is not always necessarily the best.

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    And don't be fooled, there are STEEP hills in Aruba too. Especially if you're planning on seeing the Natural Pool on your own or exploring the National Park. Both of which, I would recommend a jeep or it is nearly impossible.

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