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Thread: National Car Rental

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    National Car Rental

    I'm returning to Aruba this weekend (Nov 8) for a full week and will be renting a car. Typically I would just walk across the street and rent from one of the agencies, but this year with the newer restrictions I'm considering reserving in advance with National.

    Has anyone used them? There rates are pretty reasonable (with a discount from CostCo), so i was hoping there may be some recent experiences from board members. Thoughts?

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    Well, i'm back and i did rent from National with no problems whatsoever. My rate (after discounts and inclusive of airport tax etc) was only $187.90 for 1 week. I would recommend them without a doubt!

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    you can contact Catharina at (297)587 1967 she is the mananger and ask for any deal they have.National is also located at the airport

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    Well, I've booked (and paid) a Jeep Wrangler some months ago.
    Here's what I got:
    Hmm, not really the same ...
    Hundreds of Pictures from Aruba, Curacao, Venezuela, Vietnam, Finland, Cyprus and more:

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    The language barrier is clearly obvious when it comes to jeeps. I cannot count the amount of times that same thing has happen. You talk, you beg, you describe, you plead a jeep, jeep, jeep and then you get there and who knows what you will have waiting.

    Sorry, it can be very disappointing!

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