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Thread: Natural Pool

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    Natural Pool

    Can someone please lead me to the Natural Pool. The last time I tried to make it I found my self at the bottom of a large hill that My Yaris had no business attempting to travel. Is there an easy path that I can take without destroying my rental car or waliking a marathon to get there? A video or a map would be great from the Surf Club. Thanks for any help.
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    Don't try to find it in a Yaris! I've seen people in 4-wheel drives get hung up because of lack of clearance. My best advice is to go with a tour group to get there. We went with an ATV tour and after traveling the trail we took, there is NO WAY I'd try it in a car.

    That said, it's worth doing. The view from the hill overlooking it is beautiful.

    Read this link for directions, but also make note of the comment about the flat tire on the rental jeep.

    Directions to Natural Pool

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    Why it is not the best idea to venture to the natural pool even in a 4 x 4. Stick with a professional

    Watch the right rear tire 1:21 into this video.

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    a reminder if a renter wrecks or damages a rental vehicle out there, it disqualifies in most cases all insurance coverage :-(

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    Two suggested ways to see the Natural Pool are:
    1. Go on the tour with the guys at ABC tours . . . great and fun guys to tour with
    2. Rent ATV's from Georges if you are more adventurous . . . and head to Hollywood Diner in St. Nicholas for some pulled pork afterwards . . .

    Getting there in a Yaris . . . seriously? . . . LMAO!


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