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Thread: New Rental Car Insurance Policy

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    My rental car was damaged while parked in the parking lot of my hotel a few years ago. I had used my Amex CC for coverage when I rented the car. I didn't have to pay anything before I left the island. I filed a claim through Amex's website and the rental company gave me the info I needed for the claim. Amex paid the rental company the full amount for the damages ($880 USD) within a month or so. I never had to pay a dime out of my pocket and never had to even talk to anyone at Amex. I could easily check the status of my claim through their website. I was actually surprised at how smooth the entire process was.
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    The rental car company charged my credit card and then the credit card company sent me a check for the total amount, which I then deposited and made a the payment to the credit card. The documents required for the claim were supplied by the rental company to me through email. They had all of the necessary forms and pictures. If it happened again I would take my own photos though, just in case.

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    Schexc - how did the rental company handle it? Did they bill your credit card for the damages? Or did they deal with the credit card insurance directly? Hertz has recently taken to saying that you can't leave the island until the car damage is paid for...not sure how they'd enforce that though.

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