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Thread: Newlyweds would like a Jeep- any advice

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    Newlyweds would like a Jeep- any advice

    My fiance and I are getting maried this weekend and heading for our first trip to Aruba Monday. We've always like renting jeeps and letting the top down on other tropical trips. Is there a place to rent jeeps for the week that wont fall apart and that possibly have working AC for the night time trips to nice restaurants?

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    We rented from Budget and were very pleased with the price and the quality of the Vehicle.

    A nice red jeep wrangler treated us well in Aruba.
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    You don't need the AC at night. In the daytime perhaps, but not at night. Just about every shop has jeeps, the best one we got was from Hertz. Avoid Royal, the jeep we got from them was a hunk of junk and other friends had similar experiences with them.

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