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Thread: off-road only

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    off-road only

    my first visit to aruba coming soon. staying in oranjestad. i am going to get a rental vehicle for the week. i am trying to determine whether to get just an economy car for the week and then rent atv's to get to off-road areas.
    1) where will i not be able to go/see in a regular car?
    2) i saw on the forum that someone rented ATV's from Georges, then went to the north end to visit the light house, then traveled down the coast into Arikok Park. I got an Arikok park map and I'm questioning if it is still possible to enter the park on ATV's coming down the coast? also, it sounds like a long trip on an ATV.

    thanks, and feel free to share your thoughts on the best way to see everything, whether it be by car, jeep, atv, off-road motorcycle or even horse.


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    click link is this the map you already have?

    imo, rent a car for the week
    and then see if you can hook up on an ATV tour or do your own ATVing.
    it is a long trip in the heat, dirt and sun.
    i do not know about accessing the arikok from the direction of which you speak (coming down along the coast)
    maybe the atv rental place will be able to give you a better map.
    try an organized atv tour using kinikini ?

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