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    My husband and I will be going to Aruba in May with our 7 month old twins. Can any of you recommend a car rental company that has vehicles large enough to accommodate all the baby gear ie. carseats, a double stroller, pack n play and luggage? Those little Toyotas look too small. Are there SUVs or similar available on the island?

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    Quote Originally Posted by travelin' twins View Post
    Are there SUVs or similar available on the island?
    Aruba Royal Car Rental

    We recently drove the Suzuki XL-7 as well as the Lexus RX300 and both were plenty roomy. The Suzuki got better gas mileage than the Lexus.

    Rates below are for the week, on their site you will see they have discounts as well as offers for less days.
    Suzuki XL-7, 4X4, (7 passengers) (aut/air/ $395
    Dodge Caravan(7 passenger) (aut/air/ $395
    Lexus RX300 (Full Equipped) $395
    Hyundai Caravan (12 passenger) (aut/air/ $425

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    I used Ace car rental last time I was in Aruba and they were AWESOME! They recently moved out of the airport because they believe the 11% tax the airport authority charges is unfair. So when you go outside of the airport someone is standing with a sign with your last name on it. Then he radioed and a car pulled up and they drove us to their location which was two minutes from the airport. It is kind of way back in a kind of foresty area and they are still renovating and moving in. Anyway they fill out the papers and your off! ACE was the best.

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    Best advice..........bungee cord,why didnt we think of that?Now all go to our luggage and put one in.

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