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Thread: Rental Car Company that delivers

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    Rental Car Company that delivers

    I am thinking of renting a jeep for a few days during our next trip in August. Anyone have recomendations on a rental car company that will deliver to the hotel? we are staying at theRenaissance Marina...

    Also is it too early to book Bully for August... I dont want to seem pushy

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    It is never too early to book Bully. We have booked him 330 days in advance as soon as we have purchased our airfare.

    Amigo and Royal both deliver cars to your resort. Amigo will drive you back to their office to do the paperwork. Last I knew Royal did the paperwork there at the resort.

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    check out superior Car rental just a bit fromthe airport. They picked up husband at Surf Club he brought back car and to drop off we drove to Superior to drop off and they took us to airport. Reasonable...

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    Amigo does not deliver vehicle to hotel

    We were under the impression that Amigo would drop off and pick up vehicle from your resort or hotel. This is not true. They will pick you up and drive you to the facility that has your vehicle and you will need to process paperwork there. Count on at least 1 hour island time. same goes for the return, unless you opt for an airport drop off with additional $10 fee.

    Several others at the agency and in my shared ride to the rental agency, as myself, we're dismayed by the process. I had provided all my information well in advance of our arrival only to find out that they had not processed one thread of information.


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    tropical did deliver car to us and picked that up but it was to AUA

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    Royal Car Rental Delivers

    We just just back and rented a jeep from Royal. "Rishi" brought us our jeep, we completed the paperwork at the hotel (we stayed at the Tamarijn) and he came back to pick it up at the agreed upon time. Other than having what appeared to be bald tires (common from what we cold see in Aruba) all went well. I should note we are from the Northeast where tire treads are essential for most of the year and are the first items we check.
    If you do get a jeep take the time to venture where the buses can't go....head towards the lighthouse and continue onto the "road less traveled" Aruba is even more beautiful We ventured by the coastline and came from the backside of Alto Vista Chapel for a splendid Good Friday visit to the chapel.

    Enjoy your jeep adventures


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