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Thread: Rental car/Jeep question

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    Here are the pictures of the car after they towed it back to the company

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    thanks for the elaboration liz

    i too had originally thought that it was an inside job and now reading your scenario, my thoughts have not changed

    bad things happen anywhere and everywhere

    good thing though that aruba is still much less prone to it than so many other many of our hometowns.

    with the influx of aliens as resident (legal and illegal) and the economic situation worldwide, i can certainly figure out why this is happening.

    now on to the positive things about ONE HAPPY ISLAND

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    Lizardo, Maybe the more we post this info on this site the more rental angencies will know we're "on to" this. SO, no Amigoe for us...Thanks for the update, its good info to have, and its good to educate yourself. I appreciate your opinion since you on the island. ANd, its a good warning...

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    We rented from Amigo in June for an overnight rental. Found the service to be friendly and professional.

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