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Thread: Renting a Harley

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    Renting a Harley

    Can anyone tell me the name of the 2 Harley places on the island.
    I think we have rented from Big Twin before. Need to check them both out. Which do you prefer. Thanks



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    I'm not sure what the other dealership/rental place may be, but from my experiences, and other peoples', go spend your money there. At least you'll get a smile and a happy demeanour from the owner.

    Yes, I'm saying there's a miserable motorcycle dealer on the island.
    And yes, at Big Twin.

    Friendly.... not really, actually, he never has been.
    (Just pay the ridiculously high price for what you want and get out....)

    Unless of course there's now some competition and the monopoly on Harley rentals is over.

    One can only hope.
    Mr. Ratt
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