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Thread: Royal Car Rental Disaster

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    I have to admit I have used many different rental car companies over the years and have been lucky enough to never really have a bad experience. I have however gotten cars that I had to have switched because it would not start after bringing it hotel and have had to call the rental company to fix something...but in all instances my complaints have been addressed and fixed without any problems......I have also had a few jeeps/jimnys/etc that have been held together by rust (hahaha) but since I was just going to go out back and to natural pool I figured it was better to have a vehicle that was old and abused than have a new one that I might bring back with a dent or two....
    so my whole point is....all the companies that I have rented from are still in business and I guess they all have an employee here and there that should not work with the public....just be observant when you rent and make sure you read the documents you are given before you leave the rental car company to make sure there are no surprises when you return at end of vacation !!!!!

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    Chris, go to Aruba and have a fun, wonderful, memorable and safe trip. Don't sweat the rental car. Be observant, and take notice of the car when you receive it. As Andrea said, for every good story there will be a bad one. Just go and have a blast! And by the way, if you get the car with license plate number V-803, the A/C works better the faster you go down the road!

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    i rented a vehicle for a day, last time in Aruba, and it was nice on outside, but super rough inside.

    It worked, looked nice, and we were happy.

    i'll go in with same attitude.

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    I rented from Royal in March, again in July, and will be back a week from Friday and renting from them again. So far so good.

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