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Thread: Ruba Rent-A-Car (aka RubaRent) Issue

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    Ruba Rent-A-Car (aka RubaRent) Issue

    We completed our third trip to Aruba in June. It was also our third use of RubaRent for a four door Jeep Wangler. The first two years we had very good success with them, along with excellent price. This past year things were a bit different as we experienced some issues:

    1). Upon arrival in beginning of June, no 4door Jeep available as reserved. Had to take a van for the day and then return for Jeep the following day. Not a huge deal, but a bit inconvenient.

    2). We like to travel up past the light house (off-road). Placed Jeep (2010 mind you) into 4x4 mode and proceeded to tool around. Came back to road and attempted to place in 2x4. No luck. It was like the shifter on the floor was unhooked. It would not disengage. Headed back to hotel and contacted RubaRent. Had to go back and fourth a bit and even call. Eventually showed up and fixed. Again, not a huge deal, but coming up from beach to communicate, check, etc was a hassle.

    3). So my stupid mistake - I backed into a #&@* concrete pillar when leaving to return the vehicle and head home. I had declined CDL/LDL and had it on Visa (which they cover insurance). Dropped all off at airport and headed to RubaRent to do paperwork. Got there, showed them was charged $375 for tail light smash and small dent in rear edge of qtr panel. Got what paperwork the would give me which was simply a receipt. Headed home.

    Now the fun starts. I immediately reported to Visa and was provided a list of items required. Picture of damage, detail list of damage and actual repair bill listing all with total. I sent email to RubaRent and was told they would get as soon as jeep was back from rental. Several days past and again asked. Was told I would have everything by that evening. A week or so past. Again I asked and was told, sorry for delay will get it quickly. Another week and again I ask... Nothing... Week more and ask again... nothing. I have 10 emails into them since mid July with no responses at all. I reported to Visa just this past Monday after my last email stating I would post here to tell all as well as put a hold on the charge. Visa placed the charge in dispute and paperwork is in process. They will now handle this.

    Bottom line is - I am not sure what happened to RubaRent. They went from a great company to deal with to this. I realize in the past I had no issues and the true test of a company is how they respond to problems... but this is not acceptable. I simply share my experience as a warning that if something goes wrong, RubaRent does not handle issues very well, so it may be best to look for a more solid rental place with a fully known reputation.

    Good luck in your travels and rentals in Aruba!

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    Thank you for sharing this information. Sorry you had to go through this.

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    yikes not good

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