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Thread: self guided car tour

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    self guided car tour

    While in Aruba, we often hop into our rental car and just drive.

    We usually start early and head over to Noord to LaDelizia Bakery and pick up a few items of deliciousness, make our way to Alto Vista Chapel and enjoy some time there. From Alto Vista we then typically head over to the old gold mine ruins and the site of the former natural bridge. Then we make our way thru Paradera and head towards Hooiberg and then head south to Baby Beach where we spend a couple of hours and the San Nic Area. That would be a morning "road trip".

    A "late afternoon road trip" typically would be a drive thru the Arikok (paved road only) and a stop at Uritaka Ctr for either a burger or pizza and then heading up to the California Lighthouse, and a cold beverage at the Trattoria restaurant bar.

    If you have a rental car, what kind of excursions/self guided tours (other than grocery stores and restaurants) do you enjoy?

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    I could have written that first paragraph, minus the bakery & the San Nic area. Sometimes we throw Arikok in there and a cave or two!

    There are many times when I enjoy just driving around and seeing the sites. The color of the ocean never stops amazing me! I love looking at houses and getting the feel of the neighborhoods. I love happening upon bars or restaurants I've heard about.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We usually go for an aimless ride every other day. When we happen upon a neighborhood or development that we haven't seen we pull in and look around. We always try a couple new local bar/restaurant every trip. There are still a number of tourist stops inland that we haven't made it to. One can venture out daily and always come accross something new. We love it.

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    We drive around and pretend to house hunt and dream of one day living there !

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    As far to the southeast as a car can go to admire the ocean.
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    everywhere and anywhere
    We usually jump in the car with no particular destination in mind...just go where the mood strikes us. We do like to hit Santa Cruz and stop at Huchada (sp?) for pastechi &/or goodies in general. Then down to San Nicolas for a drink at Charlie's then over to Baby Beach. We used to stop at that little restaurant/bar right before you turn towards the beach but I saw it was closed in April. Every once in awhile it seems to change hands and takes awhile to re-open...Like to stop on the way from the beach to set a cold beer....
    then just head back towards divi...depends on whether were have plans for later or not, sometimes we make a whole day of it !!!! There is a bar in Uritaka that we try to stop at every year to play a game of pool and have a beer at...not sure of the name, but it has a porch on outside and is painted green(if memory serves correctly)...nice place.....

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