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Thread: Taxi from Airport - Rental from hotel

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    Taxi from Airport - Rental from hotel

    Hi, We will be flying into Aruba on Feb 7 which I understand is the big day for the Carnival with a parade. I was advised to take a taxi to our airport instead of driving ourselves since many roads will be shut down. Do I need to book a taxi in advance? I was reading great things about A1 Taxi service.
    We are staying at the Holiday Inn and want to rent a car for our duration. One place I saw that was close by was Thrifty, located at Playa Linda Beach Resort. Has anyone rented with them from this location before and does this sound like it will work for us? Or if you have better recommendations, I would appreciate it!
    Thank you!

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    We have never had a problem getting a taxi from the airport without a reservation. We you exit the airport just go to your left and there will be a taxi area and someone helping get you to the right place. We have also reserved with Bully from A1, and it was nice to be greeted with a sign with our name on it and walking over to get into our ride right away.
    We prefer the taxi line from the airport so that we can take our time, look at duty free, hubby can smoke of he needs to, without feeling like someone is waiting on us. Even though Im sure that would not have been an issue if we had askes. We've never had a line of more than 3 people in front of us for a taxi. However I do hope someone with experience arriving on Carnival writes here with their experience.
    Not sure when, but we will be back

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    I agree that it's a great idea to take a taxi during that time because of Carnival. Unless you are completely familiar with back roads.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We've left on Carnival Sunday before. Taxis take the back roads. No problem at all.

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    Back road from airport to Hilton.take 1b to route 2(Chaya Ernesto Petronius)to route 3.brings you to high rise.

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    The back roads are definitely the way to go and it doesn't add that many minutes to your trip.

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    Act you are correct, they drive thru the back roads and while "nothing" will look familiar to you, your hotel will be in front of you before you know it. I would certainly take the cab to the hotel and then rent the car later...You would struggle getting to your hotel if the main roads are closed IMO.

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    Thanks everyone! We are going to grab a taxi to the hotel and get a rental the next day. Appreciate everyone's input!

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