Interesting article in today's Amigoe (google translation):

"Enter policy for control and security"

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 13:46

ORANJESTAD - For some time taxi drivers are trying to express their concerns and to ensure that policy is about safety and the introduction of controls. This time they spoke with Justice Minister Arthur Dowers, who promised to look at co-operation with various partners.

The monitoring of the taxis is actually among Departamento Transporte Publico (DTP) and not under Justice, but the minister still wanted to hear the concerns of the drivers and see if there is to do something. "It's about safety, but many things have to do with policy," said Dowers after the meeting. "They want to introduce a policy to increase safety, but also to tackle pirate taxis."

According to the minister, it is good to take the time for complaints and be open to suggestions from the drivers. He indicated that he found it interesting to hear how their days look like once and what they experience, especially with tourists. "The drivers are aware of the risks they run and indicate that clearly."


It turns out that tourists are often not sufficiently informed. "I get in touch with those who are responsible for this," said Dowers. So he wants to talk to hotel and tourism organization Ahata the fact that many tourists are not aware of the rules that apply in this country. "This creates unnecessary conflict. They ask the taxi drivers where they can get drugs and whether they can arrange that for them. "That would include the fact that tourists think Aruba, because it is part of the Kingdom, as drugs are concerned, has the same rules as Netherlands.

Illegal taxi

"We need to ensure that drivers be confronted. It must be ended soon. "Dowers will focus on prevention, informing people and explaining the rules to Aruba. Also regarding illegal taxis there would be a solution. "A complaint of drivers is that tourists do not know how to show that a taxi is legal or illegal. We need to reduce the risk and inform them about and the risk that they get into a car where their safety is not guaranteed and they can not know whether they can trust the person or not. "

The minister wants to meet this week with Ahata to discuss the complaints of the drivers.