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Thread: Is there a new law about rental car companies picking you upat the airport?

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    Is there a new law about rental car companies picking you upat the airport?

    Hi, I am getting ready to go back to Aruba again in January. I rented a toyota yaris from Ace renal last year and they were great but this year I found a better price for a Chevy Cavalier at American car rental. I booked the car and they sent me a confirmation email. In the email they said that I had to take a cab to their office and then get the car because of a new Aruban law stating that rental car companies cannot wait in the Arrival area for people. I don't want to pay for a cab because I rented a car. I wanted to know if this was true? Based on this I will know if I should cancel the car and go with another company.


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    We rent from Tropic and Hanns meets us as we walk outside the terminal and we go to the parking lot and our car is waiting.Have been using him for years very good company.

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    The latest ruling between the off-site car rental companies and the airport was favorable to the airport. The appeals court decided that the airport is a private property and the airport management can do whatever it likes. The case went to the Dutch Supreme Court in late Nov. and they hope to get an answer by the end of next year.

    They may soon be enforcing house rules on the off-site car rentals companies that they cannot meet and greet their customers at the airport. They will be posting signs that the official airport car rental companies are only across the street so they can collect an extra 12% fee/tax and are branding the off-site car rentals as "illegal companies".

    This ruling is in effect now, however, they are still able to pick up and drop off customers at the airport with no complications whatsoever (until further notice).

    Personally, I will continue to rent from the off-site companies in any way that I can - whether it requires me to take a taxi to their office or to have them deliver the car to my hotel. Either way will work for me in order to help their business (and, of course, to not pay the extra tax.)
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