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Thread: Toyota car rental

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    Toyota car rental

    Has anyone rented from the Toyota car rental at the Playa Linda ???

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    We did this past Xmas. They had a good price, quick"er" service in the office than others but car (actually had car and van) in as good a condition (good is a relative term) as from many other car rentals.

    HOWEVER, the van was being delivered to the office on day of delivery and it got a flat tire. We had to wait for a replacement but luckily we called ahead and waited to go pick it up. Got second van and had it for a number of days when walking out in the early evening to find this one had a flat too!! Don't get me started on that. Took the van back and we just took a car at that point.

    It was convienent as we could walk there to pick up/deliver vehicle rather than waiting for a shuttle.

    This year we got on it early and rented from Tropic as we didn't need a van. Hopefully, we won't be too squished in a Yaris with 5 adults!! Looking forward to trying Tropic as so many people swear by Hans.
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