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Thread: Trasportation from Divi to Ren Island for quests?

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    Trasportation from Divi to Ren Island for quests?

    I have around 30 guests coming to my wedding in July. What is the best way to transport them from the Divi-Divi to the Renaissance? I want to make sure the transportation is taken care for them so no one has to pay.

    Limo, cab's, bus? I want something that has air-conditioning.

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    Hook up with Bully. He has a "fleet" of cabs...he and his relatives can probably do it in one quick delivery...He van holds him directly now to firm it up

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    I contacted three places when I was looking for transportation for a group of guests: De Palm, Kini Kini and Wix Tours. I would suggest that you contact several places and see which one has the best rate. PM me if you need the contact info for the three companies.

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    Even though I agree Bully is the best, It being a wedding party, I would opt for the bus and have everyone together. As Sheree10 advices, De Palm, I think has the most options.

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