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Thread: Tropic car rental?

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    CDW is collision damage waiver and varies from one company to another. Some cover any damage or theft, some just cover damage from collision, some have a deductible. Be sure and ask if you take it out exactly what it covers. Most credit card coverage is voided if you accept CDW. Also, if you rent the car using your cc and then pay cash when you turn in the car, it voids your cc coverage. Credit cards usually wont cover 4 wheel drive or luxury vehicles either and they wont cover you if you are using the vehicle in violation of the rental contract when the damage occurs. Something like driving off road in a passenger car. Your cc company can send you the information. Each card is a little different.

    Andrea, in your incident where you were rear ended, the at fault parties liability is required to make the owner of the vehicle whole. that means they had to pay Hans the rental amount for his car while it was in the shop. If totaled, they would have to pay the rental amount until the day they settled the claim.

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    Thorough explanation !!!!

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    Thanks Arubabob, great information!

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