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Thread: Tropic Rental or More 4 Less?

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    Tropic Rental or More 4 Less?

    After reading your very informative posts on car rental I am beginning to narrow this car rental thing down. I went to Tropic Rental's website and noticed that they have a special rate of $145 for the week for a Yaris. Is this the only car they rent? I also checked the website More 4 Less and looked at their jeep rentals which are $378 for a week. Is this a reasonable rate? Also, are there added fees like gas and insurance? I would rather have a jeep if possible but don't want to spend a ton of money because we plan on hanging at the beach and doing an ATV tour one day. We really will use it to go to dinner and restaurants quite a distance from our hotel. We are staying at the Surf Club and loved going to Madamme Jeanettes and Flying Fishbone. I have checked Thrifty and Budget as well and there rates on jeeps are higher. Are there any other realiable rental companies I should check out? Thanks so much and I look forward to your replies.

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    Tropic only has Yaris cars. I rented from More4Less in April and will be renting from them again this December.

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    more for less have good car i have rent a honda fit from the for a month now and it is no problem at all
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    The Yaris fits 4 adults with no problem and Hans is outstanding to work with.
    The Yaris in the states is real tiny, it's comparable to a Corolla in Aruba

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    You cannot go wrong with either Hans/Tropic or More4Less, both are great.

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    tropic ALWAYS gets my vote
    Hans , the owner, is the poster child for customer service.

    personally i think, hans from tropic should go to Sloan school of management and give the students a lesson or 2 in business management and customer service.

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