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Thread: Warning about Renting a car

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post

    At the time you were using the, they had different staff. You may recall a person called Ardley. After he was fired by them, things went down hill. I should also mention that we referred some friends to them a year ago and they too got ripped off. When settling the account our friends pointed out a discrepancy between what they reserved and what they were charged. The guy, Steve, shrugged it off and said they should have seen the error when they picked up the car. No attempt to fix the error.

    Also, I would really like to know the trick that Royal use to put peoples credit cards over there limit. They did it to us and I am aware of others who have had this done
    Yes, Ardley was the one who we dealt and had good service from him. He was also, unfortunately, the one I waited for to fix the problem. That is all water under the bridge now. I feel that we have a responsibility to make others aware of this situation. Lots of people look to us for information and I would feel terrible if someone else got ripped off by them. Perhaps, we should post a BEWARE OF ROYAL CAR RENTAL thread??

    We have used many different car rental agencies. We moved around based on price and location. This year we are finally trying Tropic based on so many favourable reviews. There were a few that we thought were pretty good companies but due to pricing structure or location we moved on. Also, some that were absolutely terrible.
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    Same problem with Thrifty

    We had the same problem with Thrifty last year. We resolved it with AMEX and the ATA in New Jersey, numerous emails and a $40 phone call to Thrifty in Aruba. Took 2 months to resolve.

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    Stay away from royal car rental!!
    I used them for many years until a very bad experience with them , never again !!! I will continue to advise against the company every time I see a post re them!

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