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Thread: your car/jeep rental/driving experiences ?

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    I am laughing about John Wayne leading the charge!

    So happy to hear that your beautiful bride got to dip her toes into the water.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mainely Aruba View Post
    Oh my, oh my, I am almost laughing outloud thinking about some of the driving experiences we have had inour twenty something years in Aruba. In one of the early years, werented an open jeep that had pull down seats in the back. We loadedin the family and headed to the Natural Bridge. That “little”hill behind the bridge seemed like an easy climb. I could see JohnWayne leading a charge against the Indians coming down the hill. Idecided that we needed to see what was on the other side of thathill. After a steep, bumpy climb I decided to detour tothe left. I was sure that I could make it to the nice white beechthat I had seen from the Natural Bridge. Not all of the family likedmy decision. I was going very slowly as family members were bailingout of the jeep. Somehow we did make it off the hill and down theother side. Some of the family were riding, some were walking, but wenever got stuck, or tipped over. We eventually made it to a spotnear the prison and then were home free. Kind of ironic? I guessnot.
    Did you every get lost in Aruba?
    I know the road signs are better now,but this driver can get lost using a GPS. Honestly, I have a majordisability when it comes to following directions. In Aruba I havelearned to try to allow an extra hour to find someplace new! If weget someplace early, great. I become a Hero, but most of the time Iam more of a Zero. We can travel 20 miles to find a place that is 2miles from our residence. After a while the fun of driving around incircles with walls of cactus on each side of the vehicle looses itappeal. I am so glad that the Divi tree always points towards theresort side of the island. Hey, we never give up. We might notfind that special place that we wanted to see on day 3, but we keeptrying until we do.

    My wife likes seeing the 'wild'donkeys. On our last trip we did go looking for them. We foundseveral near the light house in the Saint Nicolas area. I would notsuggest opening your car door to say hi. Maybe just roll down yourwindow. Well, my risk taker wife opened the door and said in her cuteanimal enticing voice something in Donkey. I don't know what shesaid, but I think the donkey thought she said, “ Come on in. Wehave enough room.” All of a sudden a donkey's face is starring atme. Remember, I am in the driver's seat and the donkey is trying toclimb over my wife who is in the passenger seat. This was a photomoment, but a donkey's head on your shoulder doesn't allow you muchroom to find the camera. Probably the donkeys in Aruba speak English,but this donkey didn't seem to understand a frantic garbled cry from me yelling “Okay, donkey, it is time to leave! Get the h___ our my rentalcar!!!!” After some pushing. unwanted licks and more snorting, wefinally removed the beast. Actually I think he became bored with thedumb tourists. Next time we bring carrots. ( Have you seen some ofthose huge carrots they sell in Aruba?)
    Having a vehicle has helped with thefollowing:
    Quick trip to the Balashi Brewery for abeer and a snack.
    Visiting Arubans at their homes.
    Watching fireworks from the lighthouse.
    Freedom to stop at different shops
    Driving up past the lighthouse to seethe Pelicans
    The freedom of a car is priceless.

    On our October trip, my wife, who haslimited mobility, wanted once again to put her feet in the ocean in Aruba. She decided that BabyBeach would be the easiest place to navigate
    With a walker, she was able to meet hergoal. Just two feet in the water, but what an accomplishment.
    Having the car made her dream possible.


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    Several beaches.
    I am sorry about all the words that combined on my last post. I used OpenOffice to write my message and just pasted it in to quick reply. I am not sure why that happened.
    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainely Aruba View Post
    I am sorry about all the words that combined on my last post. I used OpenOffice to write my message and just pasted it in to quick reply. I am not sure why that happened.
    Best wishes,
    It's all good. Sometimes Open Office doesn't play well!

    Accomplishment indeed! Happy to hear your wife was able to make that dream possible
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We did not rent a car on our first visit. We have for all 17 of our subsequent trips. We find that it costs us more to use cabs than to rent a car because we eat out every night, go to a casino every night, go to the grocery store a couple of times(11 days to 2 weeks), go to Baby Beach, Malmok and Arashi to snorkel. We also just like to sight see a little.

    No signs to speak of. I remember the second year we were driving to Baby Beach and we kept seeing these signs along the side of the road that said Bushalt with a number. We were pronouncing it Boo-shalt and thought it was a town name that we never came to. It was on our next trip that we figured out it is bus-halt or bus stop, not a town.

    Our first 4 or 5 rentals were from Econo car rental. We were a little concerned because our flight did not arrive until 8:30 pm and at that time their airport office closed at 7 pm. I was assured by email that our car would be parked next to their office at the airport, our last name would be on the window and the keys would be under the left front tire. Sure enough, it was just like they said with a note telling us to go to their office at La Quinta in the morning to do the paper work. We have been using Hans most of the trips in the last 6 years. One year he did not have any cars so we used Budget and no problems.

    Only incidents we have had with the rental cars is that twice I have taken the keys into the water. Once in my swim trunks pocket and once in a "waterproof" container around my neck. Both times we had to call the rental company for keys because of the water in the key. Could not open locks after they got wet. First time was in the Costa Linda pool so no problem and last time was at Baby Beach. Had to use Big Mamas personal phone to call Budget. They had a guy out there in 45 minutes with another key and did not charge us.

    We definitely like the convenience of having a vehicle since we do go out a lot. Traffic is not near as bad as here.
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