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Thread: 15 Days and counting!!!

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    15 Days and counting!!!

    We're gonna be taking over the island in 15 days so if you see 5 drunk idiots please accept our apologies in advance!!

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    we leave the day that you arrive.

    5 drunken idiots............sounds like it could be made into a limerick

    5 drunken idiots
    sittin in a tree
    one gets off cuz he has to pee

    4 drunken idiots sittin in a boat
    one falls out, then eaten by a goat

    3 drunken idiots walking to the bar
    one falls down as he was hit by a car

    2 drunken idiots going for a sail
    one gets hit with boom, fails in a pail

    1 drunken idiot runs to visit the head
    never ever returns because he was dead.

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    Nice one Andrea...
    Mike M

    Pool Side in

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