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Thread: anyone else staying @ tamarijn or divi, january 20 - 27, 2014?!

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    anyone else staying @ tamarijn or divi, january 20 - 27, 2014?!

    this will be our first time in aruba, although we have been to much of the caribbean, mexico & a bit of south america.

    we are staying at the tam. although the reviews about the food are somewhat mixed, we've never had the experience of walking out of our room and being right on the beach.

    will anyone else be at the tam or divi, january 20 - 27? if so, it would be great to meet up!

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    You will love the convenience of the oceanfront rooms.
    The food gets more positive than negative reviews!

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    Any beach!!
    You will always be able to find something you like. If we don't like the buffet on a given day (menu is posted in the morning) we'll make reservations at the Red Parrot. They make some killer coconut shrimp. It usually comes with the green curry sauce which I like but always ask for the mango chutney as well. They also had a new dessert menu when we were there in May. We've had some trips where we weren't happy with the food but the last few trips we felt that they stepped up their game. You can always go to Windows for which they have a surcharge. I think it's $35 a person. It's also nice to go off resort for a meal just to get a feel for the island.

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