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Thread: Anyone like to meet up Ausgust 1st week

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    Anyone like to meet up Ausgust 1st week

    We are travelling in first week in August. Be nice to meet some of you folks, especially those who purchased property and now live there.


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    Gary, there are weekly bulletin board parties held every Monday night at Amsterdam Manor's beach bar at 5pm. It's been in place for over 10 years now and it's where individuals from various Aruba bulletin boards and forums gather to meet, have a drink, exchange information, etc. I've been there when we've had over 20 people attend and I've also been there when just a couple of people show up. Just really depends on the week and who is on the island at that time. But it's always fun, happy hour is from 5-6pm, and the sunset is free.
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    I've been dying to make that Amsterdam Happy Hour the last few years but never make it. I start too early at the beach 10am last trip 9am I was having Basllashi's which was ok but when I have a couple of rum punch I make in the room, forget happy hour..
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    You around Mary in Aruba August 1st to 15th ?

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    Looking forward to checking this out. We are going to be in Aruba at the end of March and again the third week of August. Brenda and I are one month owners in Aruba

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