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Thread: July 9-23 Costa Linda

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    Madame Janettes, Rumba's, Driftwood, El Goucho, Marina Parata all for dining. So many places. I love the shopping in town as well as shopping by the Highrises. I go in & out of all the hotels.

    July 9-23 Costa Linda

    My husand and I will be at the Costa Linda 7/9 to 7/23. Cannot wait. This will be our 8th year. I love Aruba and would be so down if I didn't have it to look forward to all year long. Hope to see all my Aruba friends there.

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    We have stayed at Bucuti the past two years on our birthday (7/6 and 7/7). This year we are getting married in Aruba in 7/16 and family will be with us so we are all staying at Amsterdamn.....I am sure we will hit a happy hourat Bucuti. Where are you from...we are fom Boston.
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