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Thread: March 16-25

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    February 16-25

    Hello all first post so Will here...

    So I have been to Aruba before by myself and had a blast. Great diving, food, fun and beaches.

    I am in my early 30's and once again will be traveling by myself... Visiting family actually but they do not go out during the night as I tend to.

    What are some good spots for me? I know of a few but things might have changed in the past two years.

    So I am wondering if anyone else is going it alone during these dates or if anyone in general would want to meet up and have some drinks or whatever.

    I do know some locals on the island from my last trip but thought i would throw this out there as well.

    Thanks and I can not wait to have some fun in the sun.

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    I always have a good time when I'm by myself at Cafe Remembrandt. They have music a few nites a week. Check their website . They are at the South Beach Centre mall. The mall opened last December. Hard Rock Cafe is at the Mall and South Beach Lounge which gets a big crowd late at nite especially weekends.

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