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Thread: Nov 21 - 27 - Looking for ATV Buddy One Day ?

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    Nov 21 - 27 - Looking for ATV Buddy One Day ?

    Hey Ruba cats...
    We've been many times to Aruba, coming again just wife and self. I've done ATV's, Jeep several times
    while in Aruba and always have a great time. However Wife... had enough on last trip, climbing the hill
    to get around Natural Bridge... so she is opting out.
    But I'd still love to go exploring, especially at the Nicolas end of Island and Arikok park... been thru there
    couple of times and lots to explore...
    Want to find the little Bar on the Ocean, down by Prison... no electricity or hard road to it... just a hut
    with windmill for power, awesome cold beers served in Cold Pottery holders... fish, fries... ocean breeze...

    So if anyone game for a ATV day let me know... I like to rent from Georges... about $120 for the day. It
    takes all day to go around the Island.

    We staying at the Marriott / Ritz... another new experience for this trip.

    Give me a holler if interested.

    mike Esposito...Nov 21 - 27 - Looking for ATV Buddy One Day ?-snap2.jpg
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    Your wife is a wise woman!!
    welcome to the community forum

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