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Thread: November 24th - December 4th

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    Eagle Beach and love venturing out throughout the whole island

    November 24th - December 4th

    Hey would love to meet others to sit and chat we are from RI
    have been going to Aruba since 2002 and just love it - bought a 2 week timeshare and we can't wait to get away - new england is so fast paced we like slow pace very very much....this year we can actually go for 3weeks

    How is Champions and Busters we love sports pubs..want to just sit back and enjoy a drink or 2 and a game...Deb

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    from what i have been hearing lately, BUSTERS is the best thing since sliced bread.
    lots of folks are singing Buster's praises

    busters has a mention in the the threads in the above link

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.
    We will be on the island 11/29-12/7. We're from Mass. and we can't wait to get to Aruba. It will be our 7th trip since 2005. We hope to try Busters some night. We might see you there. Arlene & Steve

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