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Thread: October 20-28th....

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    October 20-28th....

    Hello Fellow Travelers....

    DH and I will be vacationing in Aruba October 20-28th for our 6th anniversary. Staying at Marriott Stellaris the first night and Surfclub thereafter.

    We are so excited!!!

    So far we plan to do a Jeep Tour. We have tried to contact Madi but we haven't heard anything. So we may be going with ABC's full day jeep tour. If we are able to come back next year maybe we will rent a car.

    Restaurants we have reserved so far are: El Gaucho's and Passions. A friend recommended La Petite. Any feedback on that? We are still looking at other less expensive restaurants. But we plan to eat breakfast in our room (going to shop at Ling & sons) and lunch where ever. But we wanted nice dinners (a mixture of pricing...we don't want expensive dinners every night). So I've been jotting down alot of suggestions on the restaurant forums.


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    No visit to Aruba is complete without visiting Madame Jeannette's....End of story :}

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