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Thread: Recommendation for General Contractor/Builder for Renovation

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    Recommendation for General Contractor/Builder for Renovation

    Hi! I'm going to be doing a pretty extensive renovation on my home - can anyone recommend a good, reliable, general contractor/builder for a renovation? (new pool, kitchen, etc). Also can anyone recommend someone to design the renovation? Do builders do this? Could it be the same person? I'm not really looking for an architect I don't think...

    Thank you!


    ps don't know how this forum works quite yet - can message me if you have a recommendation?

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    Welcome to the Community Forum Michelle!

    You will find some great advice here I'm sure
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    welcome to the posting side of the forum.

    i hope that folks post their recommendations and message you too.
    it is nice to share the information.

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    If you are still looking for a reliable contractor that works quickly and does a good job, I would definitely recommend Mr. Sambo from OPCON OPLOSSING BOUWCONSTRUCTIE. His number is 567-7513. He did a great job with installing our new front exterior door, renovating our ceiling, and many other tasks I requested of him.

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