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    10 More Sleeps! I can't stand it!!!!

    Almost time to go back for our 9th visit.

    People ask why we go back to Aruba, versus trying some place different. Does anyone else get asked this silly question? How do you answer it?

    We love just about everything about Aruba. It feels like going home for a week. When the vacation is over, and we leave to return to Canada, we start thinking when can we go back.

    I guess you have to experience Aruba to understand the pull it has on ones heart. True love.

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    Catashi, thats were our rented bungalow is. Our fav beach is Rogersbeach. Our favorite hangout, the Cigar Lounge of Ruben de Lange.
    Always, our co-workers always ask us and each time we take the time to tell them why we only visit Aruba. We try to explane the Aruban way and the feeling you get on the island, fly 8000 km and feel as if your comming home. Why try something else, on Aruba you know what you get, only the best!
    One of our co-workers, also a close friend, came with us on our last stay, we went for 5 weeks and he came for the last 11 days. So now we let him explane.

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    Renaissance Hotel, Baby Beach
    I have traveled to almost all the islands in the Caribbean and more, but as you all said, I feel like I am going home when I travel to Aruba.
    The people, the weather, the food, and everything else.

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    All I have to say is I have my house and I have my home, Aruba!

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    Catalina Beach (snorkling) Lighthouse Beach (Marriott) casino's Mirandi's, Moomba's,Wacky Wahoo,Barefoot, Suise Chalet Marriott Ocean Club pool bar DePalm Island
    We go back year after year and everyone asks us why!! It is the most wonderful place to be I say, everthing people, weather, beaches restaurants everthing is great. It is the most relaxing vacation we do every year. We are lucky, we take a few vacations a year and get to see different places but will never miss our Aruba vacation. 14 day's to go then paradice.

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    I love the beach (who doesn't?), anywhere that I can snorkel, The Donkey Sanctuary (much to the dismay of my daughter), the lighthouse.
    We get asked this frequently as well. The best inquiry was from our account rep at Marriott Vacation Club. When I told her that we have NEVER traded our Surf Club unit for another destination, she was shocked...she even gently scolded me! I guess she has never been there, or she would understand (sigh).

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    Marandis Bingoes Marriott Surf Club Lazy River
    It's ok if no one else gets the "Arubian Love" we all feel. I have my house in New Jersey, but my heart and my home in Aruba!

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