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    10 years later.....

    So I posted in the welcome forum that we are returning to the island after a long 10 years away. We visited the island for our honeymoon - we were married on 9/01/01.

    We left out of Chicago on 9/3. But that was not our original flight plan. Our original tickets which we just found in my wife's hope chest went like this on the return trip. Leaving Aruba at 3:40 PM on 9/10 and arriving in Philly around 8PM. Then we were staying the night and flying out of Philly the next morning at 8:05AM to Milwaukee - yes that next day was 9/11!! We would have been smack dab in the air in the middle of the single biggest terrorist plot this country has ever experienced!!

    I guess we got a bit lucky that US Air changed our MKE flights to Chicago and that allowed us to get into O'hare at 2:30 AM on 9/11 instead of being in the air when everything happened. Some time it just makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    Oh and one more thing. Our tickets 10 years ago were $504 roundtrip each so $1008 total. I just booked this years and they are $987.20!! So it is nice to see that even with $4 a gallon gas we can still go back to 10 years ago on some purchases.

    Everyone be safe in your travels....sometimes a little luck helps too.

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    A little luck always goes a long way!

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    We lived in Chicagoland and flew annually to AUA until '06 from ORD and agree that was a good airfare then and now.
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