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    1st timer to Aruba!

    Hi everyone! Great forums here, so I look forward to talking with a few of you before and after my trip.

    Last week I decided to use up my airline miles (before the airlines decide to not to honor them or raise the costs). Since I was going to go solo, Aruba sounded a little more up my ally.

    Trip is from May 1 - 5, staying at the Marriott Ocean Club. Plan on renting a car to tour the island, lounge on the beach and do a 1/2 day of deep sea fishing.

    If anyone has some hints or advice on "must do" or where to stay (i'm willing to switch), I'd love to hear it. Also, if anyone is going around the same time, lets talk and maybe we can meet up for drinks on the beach!

    From what I've read, seems like people love their trips and end up going back... many times.



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    For starters if you really want to tour the Island you will probably want a 4x4. I suggest a Suzuki as they have 4 wheel drive (a lot of the Jeeps on the Island are only 2 wheel drive) and are alittle cheaper to rent (Jeeps bring more $), and they are aliittle better on gas (you will be bringing it back full). It's a small may not know exactly where you are, but you are never really lost.

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    Catalina Beach (snorkling) Lighthouse Beach (Marriott) casino's Mirandi's, Moomba's,Wacky Wahoo,Barefoot, Suise Chalet Marriott Ocean Club pool bar DePalm Island
    You will love Aruba!! You will fall in love with it right away. Have a wonderful trip, we are staying at the Ocean Club May 16- 25!! If you were there then we would meet for drinks. Have a slippery monkey at the Ocean Club pool bar!! They are wonderful.
    Terry Joz

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    After you choose a boat check to see if you have to fish in rotation or can you fish independently

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