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Thread: 2010 Olympics

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    I'm not a big hockey fan but what a game,no losers both teams should get GOLD.
    Enjoy the win Randi

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    HI Everyone,

    Busters was great, the place was packed. Great game with lots of spirit. LynnR (from this bb) was there and I got to meet her again (we met last year). The place was full of Canadians, we actually out numbered the Americans. Everyone was cheering and chanting U.S.A or Canada and tense moments on both sides.

    The guys from Busters were great. One manager American, one manager Canadian. Hard to believe we are all so far away from "home" but could enjoy the game, the experience and the rivalry.

    Thanks everyone for coming out and making it a great afternoon.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    Congrats team Canada, & the USA



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    Glad you guys had a nice time..I bet it was a blast ! Me, not a hockey fan but I felt I had to watch it for Rob and Randi's sake... To bad DH & boys weren't there with you...have a great rest of your time. Keep posting Randi.

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    We were kidding around last night when watching the game.
    We have US satellite TV in our house that for once
    there would be more drunk Canadians on the road than
    Arubans! LOL!

    Heart wrenching game, eh? Felt so bad for Miller! MVP but
    was in shatters!

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